About Me

  • Overall Experience of 16 years with last 7+ years into Architect.
  • An accomplished software professional with extensive experience in:

 Application Architecture                Proof of Concept Creation            Risk Management

 Subject Matter Expert                     Framework design                         Application Support

 Re-Usable Asset Management      Release Management                    Product Development

 Estimation                                         Application Development            Onsite-Offshore Coordination                                    


  • More than 7 years of experience on various design/architecture pattern and UML.
  • Over 16 years of experience in Angular Js, Ext JS, Kendo UI, Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, HTML5, Boot strap, REST Services and SOA for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Over 3 Years of experience in Security Architecture.
  • Extensively used Fusion Charts, Fusion Map, ExtJS Chart, Spring Bus.
  • Used JSON, XML and other new technology to transfer data from web layer to presentation layer.
  • Created proprietary protocol SMCP .
  • 3 D rendering experience.
  • Implemented JSR 303 Validation framework for centralized message/data validation.
  • Self-directed, passionate, creative problem-solver, fast learner
  • Created several Blue prints to satisfy various business needs.
  • Worked as individual contributor as and when required.


Subject Matter Expertise

  • Act as visionary and strategist for solution product area mainly in banking and payment .
  • Implemented wallet money, SWIFT, Bill Pay, NACHA files, Person to Person payment, ACH etc.
  • Act as a mentor for technology oriented associates.
  • Provides expertise to identify and translate system requirements into software design documentation.
  • Work with technical writers to ensure quality of internal and external client-oriented documentation.
  • Speak at trade conferences and seek authorship opportunities in various product enhancement

You can contact me @ easycasestudy@outlook.com